20 Quality Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

The difference is what happens if the condition is false and the check fails. When an assert command fails, the code following it will not be executed and the test will break immediately. On the other hand, when a verify command fails, the code will continue with execution regardless.

QA Engineer interview questions

You have general questions that are asked at every interview like “Where did you go to school? ” However, you’ll also get more pointed questions asking about your general knowledge base and hypothetical questions, too. When I interview a senior level engineer and I ask them a technical question, I expect a detailed response to the question. Many times, I get a high level response instead which, to me, signals that they don’t have the experience I’m looking for. Automation plays a big role in software testing in tandem with the continued importance of manual testing, as well.

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These sample interview questions will help you find the right candidates during the interview process. That is where we apply an exit criteria document, which lists the conditions that have to be met prior to the release of the product. This sample of Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer interview questions is optimized to help you identify skilled candidates for your software Quality assurance position. If you’ve landed an interview for a quality assurance (QA) role, such as QA tester or QA engineer, you may be wondering what to expect and what questions you’ll be asked. These requirement documents assure that a system’s defined requirements get linked and tested throughout the verification process.

While the testing, that is focused on the limit conditions of the software is known as boundary testing. Onboarding checklists and templates will get your new hire up to speed fast. But should candidates really be expected to send a post-interview thank you email? Follow this process to build a fair, scalable, and easy-to-execute candidate scorecard. The right reference check questions can mean the difference between a dream hire and an expensive mistake.

Interviewing as a QA Engineer

Talk about a time you had to investigate a customer complaint and the corrective action you took. Highlight your ability to think critically and take initiative when faced with an issue. Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers oversee each stage of software development to identify system malfunctions and improve product quality. A strong QA Engineer candidate should have a solid understanding of testing methodologies, be proficient in automation tools, and possess excellent problem-solving and communication skills. This question assesses the candidate’s familiarity with various testing tools. This question aims to understand the candidate’s decision-making process in choosing which applications to test.

  • Quality engineers use a variety of methods and tools to ensure that products are of the highest quality.
  • Incorporating continuous testing is just one of many cards in the mental roll-o-dex of a modern QA tester.
  • These sample interview questions will help you find the right candidates during the interview process.
  • That means they must have the ability to motivate employees to meet these standards.

After all, the interviewer can stop you and redirect you if you get into too much detail. It is a testing phase where the tester tries to break the system by randomly trying the system’s functionality. Test case is a specific condition to check against the Application Under Test. It has information of test steps, prerequisites, test environment, and outputs. The test strategy includes an introduction, resource, scope and schedule for test activities, test tools, test priorities, test planning and the types of test that has to be performed.

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The interviewer wants to know that you have an awareness of the latest trends and technologies in the industry and that you’re actively seeking out new information and best practices. Talk about a specific situation where you had to handle such a disagreement. Explain the steps you took to resolve it, emphasizing how you listened to everyone’s points of view and then came up with a compromise that all parties could agree upon. If you don’t have any direct experience in this area, explain what steps you would take if faced with such a situation. They also conduct tests before a product release to make sure the software is running smoothly while meeting design specifications.

QA Engineer interview questions

Testing is the job along with detailed documentation, bug identification, and more. When interviewers ask these kinds of testing interview questions, provide short and sweet responses that display your knowledge without becoming needlessly overdrawn. Quality assurance engineers (or QA Engineers) provide support to software development teams when it comes to application creation, application testing, implementation, and troubleshooting. That means that they are involved in the development process from beginning to end. The role of QA (Quality Assurance) is to monitor the quality of the “process” used to produce the software. While the software testing, is the process of ensuring the functionality of final product meets the user’s requirement.

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Quality engineers help ensure that products and services meet the company’s standards of quality. An interviewer wants to make sure you have the experience and skills necessary to develop and implement training programs for other quality engineers. They want to know that you understand how to effectively train others and can ensure that they understand the quality standards and processes. They also want to make sure you have the ability to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the training program. Quality engineers are responsible for ensuring that products meet customer requirements and industry standards. Quality engineers use a variety of methods and tools to ensure that products are of the highest quality.

QA Engineer interview questions

Data driven testing is an automation testing framework, which tests the different input values on the AUT. The data files may include csv files, excel files, data pools and many more. Quality engineering is an ever-evolving field and keeping up with the changes is a key part of being successful in the job.

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Software quality assurance (SQA) represents all the activities and procedures that are focused on the whole process of software development. Its goal is to minimize the risks of causing defects and failures in the final product prior to its release. It is done by designing, implementing, and maintaining procedures qa engineer strengths and weaknesses that help developers and software testers do their jobs in the most efficient way. All kinds of tests come into play when considering software quality assurance jobs. You could name test management tools, smoke testing tools, or even a simple program that helps you and your QA team stay organized.

QA Engineer interview questions

Quality assurance focuses on how you maintain quality and prevent issues where Quality Control focuses on identifying problems with the product or service. On top of being expert bug finders, QA Engineers have to be familiar with documentation. Crafting the perfect test case every time is essential, as well as knowledge of test strategies, test management tools, automation tools, life cycles, and more. Bug release is when software or an application is handed over to the testing team knowing that the defect is present in a release. During this the priority and severity of bug is low, as bug can be removed before the final handover. Common Quality Engineer interview questions, how to answer them, and sample answers from a certified career coach.

Other categories of questions branch out into more tool specific, language specific, or company specific avenues. Prepare for these QA interview questions and answers by knowing the types of questions that will be asked. As an interviewee, I would try to add as much detail as possible when answering technical questions. Start by giving a brief overview of the project you worked on and how it impacted the production process. Then, explain in detail the issue that you identified and why it was important to address. Finally, discuss what steps you took to rectify the issue and any positive outcomes that resulted from your actions.